Morning sex? Yes, you read right. Don't be surprised even if you've never tried it. For women, early in the morning is the worst time to have sex. Not only because you've got to take a leak or you should be preparing for work, but also because your body prefers sex at night when you're even more relaxed. But who says your man feels the same way? Most men
get their morning wood or morning glory even before they wake up. So a quick romp in the sheets won't hurt


You've probably tried all the sex styles in Kama Sutra, and you still don't have your cute little angel in your arms. Are you tired of trying? You probably haven't done everything, or you're missing something. Several studies have different things to say about how best to conceive, but it's all in your hands. Every couple has what it takes to conceive quickly and easily. So take your time to read through this article. We hope you find what you're looking for.


A glass of Wine is good for many things. Little wonder why it is highly revered in various cultures and traditions. And while an amazing glass of bubbly has become an excellent way to celebrate romance, it is absolutely not the only romantic wine in the market. In fact, there are lots amazing blends of wines- whites, reds and roses which can set the mood for a romantic, seductive and unforgettable evening. Guess you can’t wait to go through our list of great tasting wines that can get you and your significant order in the mood? We too can’t wait to reveal our list to you! Well, without any further ado, below is a list of amazing wines you can uncork to get you and your partner in the mood and ensure you guys have a great evening you wouldn’t forget in a hurry.


Either you're taken or not, every once in a while, you'll have those times when you just want to enjoy pleasure for yourself and not worry about meeting any other person's needs. It's not enough for you to have orgasms. You need the best mind­blowing orgasms, and your choice of vibrators affects this.

Top 10 Bachelorette Games

The bachelorette games are perfect for increasing the fun of the girls' night out. The bridal shower is a traditional time to play bachelorette games at your bachelor party. If you want to play some fun games in your party, here are a few ideas for you:

Sex over 60

Should sex over 60 be a thing? Oh my goodness, why is this even a question?! Of course they should! Not only should they, but it should be hot and steamy. There are lots of reasons why, including health benefits, but the real benefit is the physical satisfaction.  Definitely a taboo topic but nonetheless a topic that should be given more attention.

Intimacy in Long-Term Relationships

Bringing back the joy of intimacy in long-term relationships can sometimes feel like a challenge. Once the honeymoon phase is over in a relationship things seem to start going downhill,  when it comes to intimacy and bedroom activities. After all, a few children, daytime chores, and responsibilities begin to make everything rather boring... no matter how exciting the carpool conversation gets. This isn't exclusive to married couples but also to people that are in long- term relationships.

Bachelorette Party - A Night to Remember

Every bachelorette needs a final "no holds barred" party. One where the entire group can let loose and get a little naughty. The best bachelorette parties are the ones when the bride to be is completely in the dark, maybe figuratively, about the action packed events ahead. For anyone daring enough to take on the responsibility of being the one to plan it all, here's a complete list of all the goodies you'll need.

Getting To Know Adult Products

The internet has opened our eyes to a lot of things that man had previously never thought of. It is quite easy to find intriguing ideas on the web. Today we hold the hands of the beginners to the adult toy scene, explaining how some of the items can play a big part in your daily love life! 

Make More Money With Your Cam

You ever wonder how the most successful cam girls and boys are making so much money and getting so many views? I've got news for you, they've figured out how to give their viewers the full package.  It's not enough to just be attractive or desirable, to boost your ratings you have to draw in your viewer. In order to do that the right tools are necessary.  

Make Valentine's Day Extra Steamy

Valentine's day is fast approaching and you're probably looking for something to make your valentine's day extra steamy in the bedroom. We've all heard of edible cherry flavored panties, and the run of the mill vibrators, but this is the year to elevate your experience to the next level. There are an endless amount of options on the market that will help you express your love, and the best part is they'll be around long after Valentine's day.

Traveling With Adult Toys

There are a few things more embarrassing than going through customs and having them open your suitcase to see all the adult toys fall out, and today that can even be dangerous! Find out the best ways to pack your sex toys when going on vacation, including how to stay secret, how best to store them and keep them sanitary.